Attention Problems
May include difficulties with concentration, listening, distractibility, focusing, and
staying on task
Are common in school-age children, adolescents, and adults
Can be acquired or developmental
Can be effectively treated

Evaluation and diagnosis is an important step

We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluations that include traditional psychometrics, such as psychoeducational testing, behavioral analysis, assessment of emotional and family functioning, and interviews with parents and school personnel. In addition, we utilize state of the art computer-based testing that may include EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback), and quantitative EEG analysis as aids in developing a more accurate diagnosis.

Multiple interventions are utilized depending upon an individual's unique needs. Treatment with children/adolescents may include developing behavioral strategies for improving behaviors at home and school, neurofeedback, and coordination with parents and teachers. In addition to increasing attentional skills, we provide recommendations that enhance academic development. Consultation with a child's pediatrician is frequently helpful when issues of medication management are relevant.

The unique needs of adults with attention problems are addressed through multiple interventions, including cognitive rehabilitation, neurofeedback, compensatory strategies, and work-place adaptation. Emotional issues are addressed as appropriate.

EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback), along with behavioral and other treatments, has been shown to be particularly effective in treating attention problems. The overall goal of neurofeedback is to improve mental flexibility so that a person can produce a mental state that is appropriate to the situation. Neurofeedback teaches skills that are learned in our office and that the child or adult is taught to use in their every day life in order to succeed in school, work and other pursuits.

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